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Semi Private, Private, and Wedding Choreography



We offer private and Semi private lessons for couples

up to a group of 4 people.

Private lessons for Weddings

 For dances preferred, price, time and availablity...etc...

please call 905-666-2800 



I Also Teach for the Town of Whitby

Whitby Recs & Park Activity Guide

2018     Fall:

Beginners:  Bellwood (Tuesday nights)  - Cha Cha  &  possibly Swing   
Beginners: Sinclaire Sec School (Thurs. nights)   - Salsa &  possibly Swing  
Beginning Intermediate: Sinclaire Sec School (Thurs. nights)   - Waltz 
Please contact the town for registration
 Link:  For Whitby Activity Guide:     
Select  "Activity Guide"  

2019     Winter:

Beginners:  Bellwood (Tuesday nights)  - Salsa & possibly Foxtrot   
Beginners: Sinclaire Sec School (Thurs. nights)  - Cha Cha & possibly Waltz
 Beginning Intermediate: Sinclaire Sec School (Thurs. nights)  - Foxtrot